Hope For Brady Blog

This will be a place for us as a family and you as someone who cares about Brady to post updates on Brady's progress.

We will post funny stories, new achievements, things we struggle with, interventions we have tried that have worked, interventions we have tried that haven't worked. things we have learned about Brady, and ourselves. We fully believe we will succeed in improving the quality of Brady's life. This will serve as a diary of how we got there and all we have been through to make our intervention trials his successes!

You and an important part of that PLEASE feel free to comment, tell a story you remember about Brady, ask a question, or just give us a "Way to go Brady"! from time to time. Any comments and words of encouragement really help us keep on keeping on! Because trust me we have cried many tears along the way...and I can not tell you how many times someones kind comment filled my sails again! 
>>>HUGS and KISSES<<< 
You know who you are!😘

Our hope is that in addition to helping us keep track of Brady's successes, we might post something that can help another family who may have faced a struggle we have learned to overcome...or at the very least...let them know they are not alone. Autism families are some of the most resilient and supportive people (in my opinion) in the world! Our struggles have made us strong!

Above all...we will never give up HOPE!!

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We very much appreciate the love and support of our Friends and Family! Our HOPE is that one day Brady will be COMPLETELY recovered and will be able to look back at this blog and read all the love and support he got from all of you during this difficult time in his life! HUGS!!