Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Organic, WHOLE foods!

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Posted Jan 8, 2013 9:28pm

Thanks everyone for all the support! It has been exactly one week today since going gluten free. Here are a few things I have learned and more importantly here is how I feel...I FEEL AWESOME! I have a ton more energy...sure it is still hard to get out of bed in the morning...but once I am up I do not feel like going back to bed. I have tons of energy to do more stuff around the house. Good thing cuz I am going to have to cook a lot more from scratch! We are trying to buy almost everything organic to get away from all the GMO food! We have not tried Rice milk yet...I have some in the pantry...but we choose coconut milk for the nutritional value. Rice milk has very little nutritional goodness. I have not tried almond milk either, but I have heard that it is good so I may try that! I have some friends who have expressed their concerns about coconut oil due to the saturated fat content, and here is how I feel about that: does coconut milk and oil have more saturated fat...YES, but it is a medium chain fat which actually boosts metabolism, it has a low glycemic index, and actually helps you lose weight due to the increase in metabolism. Because it is a MCFA instead of a LCFA (long chain fatty acid)it is actually better for you than any other "fat" or oil out there because of the way your body uses it. It has a ton medicinal qualities that aid in healing almost every body system. I suspect anyone who had a "negative" health issue from coconut products did not change other aspects of their diet as well. Such as eating other junk foods...etc. It probably had nothing to do with the coconut products. If you are curious about coconut oil it...Google it or PM me and I will give you more info. There is a ton of research out there that also supports giving it to children with autism as a supplement for brain health. It also helps keep candida at bay which often plagues kiddos with autism. Think about it...when your kids are born, and when they move on from either formula or breast milk...what does the pediatrician recommend for milk? FULL FAT milk!! It is the best for growing developing brains!! From now on we will use only coconut oil and olive oil. Lesa, one of my "Ausome" Mom friends, suggested we try Daiya vegan cheese. I have tried Daiya and eeewwww, we did not like it. I just ordered another vegan cheese called we will see! I will find a cheese substitute!! Oh, and I am down 6 pounds!!! :-) PLUS, and this should probably be at the top of this post...but Brady's teachers report he is less hyper active and more verbal. When I say verbal...I mean he is making more "attempts" at verbalizations. He is also making more eye contact with teachers and his peers then he did a week ago. Coincidence? Maybe...only time will tell! I will keep you posted!!

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