Thursday, July 24, 2014

SCHOOL for Mommy!!!!

I started school on Monday July 21, 2014!

Ya know how I have been focusing on all things natural..and diet changes for Brady and the whole family?? Well, I decided to go back to school and get a degree in complementary alternative medicine! With an aromatherapy specialty! 

My intro to the class included this little tid bit about me:
My journey into everything natural started in 2009 when my oldest son (then 2 and 1/2) was diagnosed with autism. Since then my research into why this happened and how I can help him overcome his disability has lead me back to grass roots basics at every turn. Our latest SUCCESSFUL natural endeavor has been in the use of essential oils in his therapy. Let me just say that EOs have been a God send! His behaviors and moods have changed FOR THE BETTER! He sleeps better at night and wakes up less crabby! Of course, who doesn't wake up a little crabby! Me included until I have my coffee. (**Sigh** it is the one vise I have a hard time giving up even though I know it is not good for me.) I wish that Aromatherapy was not called Aromatherapy. Because I am sure just like I many people assume it is all just about smells...not science. Think about this...all medicine of today is based on the plant medicine of the past. EOs are the most purest and most potent form of those plants. You can use EOs for almost everything! From easing fevers, tummy aches, and earaches, changing your moods, helping you sleep, to skin care products and cleaning your house. All NATURAL! There is not a day that goes by now (actually several times a day) that I do not reach for one of the little brown bottles in my arsenal, or one of my own personal blends! LOVE EOs!! I can't wait to learn even more!! When I did a search for RAs in my area (a medical community of over 30,000 employees) I was shocked to find only ONE RA in Rochester. Well, I am excited to say that I am here to change that! :-)

P.S. RA = Registered Aromatherapists. RAs are someone who has passed an exam to be registered...much like my nursing board exam before I could practice nursing. 

BEWARE of anyone who practices aromatherapy, or gives advise WITHOUT being registered. Anyone can learn and then tell you about essential oils. Some certification programs last as little as one weekend. Shocking, I know!

But only TRUE RAs have passed the exam that includes EO safety. 
ALL RAs are listed with the Aromatherapy Registration Council.
To find a RA in your area, CLICK HERE
EOs are EXTREMELY potent. EO use without the advisement of a RA should be limited. 
NEVER apply an undiluted (directly out of the bottle) EO to your or anyone else's skin! 

I will try to post on "Hope 4 Brady" all the natural things I research for our families well stay tuned!

Disclaimer: The information on this blog is NOT intended to take the place of diagnosis and treatment by a qualified licensed healthcare provider.
Any recommendations are for educational purposes only and are believed to be effective. However, since USE of any information provided herein by others is beyond the control of Michelle Bacon, RN, no expressed or implied guarantee as to the effectiveness of this information can be given nor liability taken.

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