Thursday, March 2, 2017

Past Facebook Updates

On March 2nd we posted this video on Facebook:
I had a breakthrough, and I am kicking myself for not thinking of something so simple sooner. We have really been trying for a long time to get Brady to say more then one word at a time. Then I had the idea to count off the words i want him to say on my fingers so he will have a visual cue that I am expecting more words from him. It goes like this...
I point to each one of my finger as I repeat the words I want him to say. "More Pizza Please" I do this like 4-5 times and then it is his turn. I point to the first finger and wait...then to the second finger and wait...then to the third finger and wait. Some times he needs reminders what of what word is expected next, but eventually he gets it and can say all three words with only me pointing to each finger.
Before this...if we said "More Pizza Please" hoping he will say all three words, he usually only repeats any one of the words, but never all three. Now with the visual prompt, he knows we need more words! 😀
Hope this video helps other parents to coax more words out at once.

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